The warm home of your future Basenji

Who are we?

We are a licensed professional basenji purebred breeder with a passion for animals. After our first introduction to the Basenji breed, we fell in love right away. We now have a Basenji ourselves and we are still crazy about her and her breed. This has also been the motivation to start our own purebred kennel.


The winter of 2021 can't start soon enough for us. This is the moment that our first puppies are expected. Our Jody (official name: Bayley From The Bel Air Dynasty) together with the beautiful Yaro (official name: Only Dream Mysterious Talisman) will hopefully give us these puppies. We are already looking forward to it.

All future puppies from our A-Litter are already reserved. New registrations for our A-Litter will no longer be processed.

"Animals have the right to live according to their nature and that is also the reason that we keep a strict selection for future puppy homes."

Lynda Hoogland, CEO Nyumba Tano Basenji

"On the seventh day, God decided to walk with his Basenjis, I try to do that everyday"

Patrick Walst, COO Nyumba Tano Basenji