Meet Jody

Name: Bayley From The Bel Air Dynasty

Call sign: Jody

Born: 2019-12-22

pedigree information:

  • Sire: Itifaki From The Headwaters

  • Dame: Gracie-Gwusel Shadows Of The Congo

Jody is our first dog, and we are so happy with her. Every day is a party. Walking and all outings are never boring and keep us fit. Jody is a dog with a strong will of her own, and full of energy. Originally a hunting dog that could not bark, nowadays a family dog that still can't bark. The Basenji breed is over 4000 years old, and originated in Congo . They walked around at the time of the Pharaohs and we are convinced that Cleopatra had one too ;). Around 1895 the first Basenjis were displayed in Berlin and Paris zoos. In the 1930's the breed had a difficult period, they were almost extincted. Fortunately, the breed is doing a lot better nowadays, but they are still not very well known. One of the first Basenji's in the Netherlands was given to Queen Juliana as a gift from her husband. He took one back with him from his hunting trip in Congo.